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MonaLisa Touch™

A hormone-free, non-invasive laser that is effective at restoring vaginal tissue and providing long-lasting relief. This procedure takes less than 5 minutes, is painless for most and helps to address the following conditions: 

  • Vaginal dryness 

  • Pain during intercourse

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Perineal trauma and laxity after childbirth

  • Lichen Sclerosis 

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a laser that was made specifically to address issues like lack of vaginal elasticity, vaginal itchiness, and vaginal dryness. The MonaLisa Touch laser is most commonly used for people who are suffering from the side effects of vaginal dryness from menopause or chemotherapy treatment and those who have noticed problems with lack of vaginal tone after childbirth. This laser treatment uses CO2 energy to stimulate the body's own ability to heal. 

How does treatment work?

MonaLisa Touch treatment is simple and painless for the majority of patients. Treatments are performed while you relax in the same position used during a pelvic exam. As the treatment wand delivers the CO2 laser energy into the vaginal tissue, you may feel a deep cooling or cramping sensation. MonaLisa Touch treatments take less than 5 minutes.

What are the benefits of MonaLisa Touch treatment?

MonaLisa Touch treatment offers long-term relief from:

  • Vaginal dryness and itchiness

  • Painful intercourse

  • Urinary incontinence or overactive bladder symptoms

  • Improvement in the tone and elasticity of the vaginal tissue

  • Improvement in the appearance of the vaginal tissue

  • Improvement in severity of lichen sclerosis symptoms


How many treatments will you need?

The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient, but most people require three or four MonaLisa Touch laser treatments for optimal results. Your treatments should be scheduled around 4 to 6 weeks apart to allow plenty of time for tissue repair to occur between sessions. A touchup treatment is typically needed in about a year to maintain results.


Is there any downtime needed after MonaLisa Touch treatment?

No. There is no downtime needed at all. In fact, as soon as your treatment session is complete you can return to work or your daily activities. Some patients experience mild temporary symptoms like irritation, redness and swelling post-treatment, but these conditions resolve very quickly. It is best to avoid sexual intercourse for 2 days after treatment.

How long does it take to see results?

You'll generally see results from the MonaLisa Touch laser right away. These results will get even better over the next couple of months, as your body delivers new collagen to the vaginal tissue.

*Individual results may vary.

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